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About ILF

Innovation Inspires Change.
Is your organisation ready?

In today’s competitive and constantly changing global economy, leading companies are becoming increasingly aware that real growth in the future will come from innovation rather than from mergers and acquisitions…
and even less from ‘business as usual’.

Unfortunately, while innovation is firmly on the agenda of many of today’s leading CEOs, transforming intention into reality remains a major challenge. With the precision and attention to detail warranted by academic work – and the responsiveness and pragmatism required for successful business strategy, the ILF helps you understand how to foster an innovation-friendly climate that encourages change and nurtures knowledge.

This is why the Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) exists.

The ILF founder Dr. Bettina von Stamm's book Managing Innovation: Design & Creativity
now available in China


When a colleague asked me how to go about finding out about innovation I told him there was only one place to start: Bettina and the Innovation Leadership Forum.

- Mark Richardson, VP Research and Technology, Smith & Nephew Wound Management. United Kingdom

The Innovation Wave: Meeting the Corporate Challenge
Bettina von Stamm
Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity Bettina von Stamm
The Future of Innovation
Bettina von Stamm & Anna Trifilova
The Innovation Handbook Read my contribution to the book (6.1) edited by Adam Jolly online!
4th Innovation Best Practice & Future Callenges Report
Bettina von Stamm
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