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Innovation Is A Journey
On The Path To Wisdom

Innovation doesn’t happen ‘out of the blue’. It is an evolving process that requires learning, challenging existing knowledge, and understanding something new. Ultimately, innovation leads to change and to creating new wisdom.

More often than not, innovation occurs by connecting previously unconnected bodies of knowledge. At the same time, it is important not to rely too heavily on current knowledge which can blind us to concepts and possibilities we don’t yet understand. These two things are not really contradictions. In order to create the new, we might have to let go of our existing knowledge and beliefs.

Dr. Bettina von Stamm created the Innovation Leadership Forum to catalyze the innovative spirit and action in large organisations. You’ll also find many useful tools, resources and activities, as well as consultative support that is helpful to senior level executives.
Through Membership in the ILF Networking Group, senior-level executives have the opportunity to share existing knowledge on innovation, and to create and activate new knowledge.


I have been a strong participant of the Innovation Leadership Forum Networking Group and have got so much from the members and from discussions and sharing ideas on innovation with Bettina.

- Eric Hobson, Head of Quality and Organisation, RWE Technology

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